Totem of Transformation


Rod’s exquisite master wirework design brings to life the Totem of this singular stone.

If you look very closely on the left side of this intriguing chrysocolla pendant, you will see that Mother Nature imprinted the subtle symbol- of an owl sitting on a rock. And if you can see him, this Totem may be for you!
The image represents new beginnings. With a higher understanding and evolved perspective, you sit in quiet confidence, where life’s storms cannot shake you.

Now is your time! To step from the shadows in style, and truly embrace The Being of Light that you are! For in so doing, you allow Life to unfurl Her grace and ease before you.

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This 16.5″ adjustable necklace and coordinating 4.5″ chandelier earrings come together to form a dazzling one-of-a-kind Set. With a blending of copper and antique bronze, the intricacy of this wirework, including the handmaid chain, is absolutely astounding! Add to this earthen beads, gleaming crystals, and a singular totem stone, and you have a Set that is sure to become a Signature!


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