Asp & It Is Given


At TamRocks, we create adornments to “Inspire Your Inner Goddess”. This one of a kind hand-crafted Treasure, evocative of ancient times and ritual, does exactly that. From the moment it graces your neck, the Asp- a symbol of Royal Protection- transports you to a feeling place of authority, and strength.
And this particular Labradorite stone, with its heart opening blessing, encourages you to go after your dreams and get out of your own way, so you can make your dreams come true.
Which is exactly what the erstwhile Princess in our story is desperate to do!


This stunning 16-18 inch adjustable necklace set hits every note of an Original TamRocks Treasure. Rustic Bling, timeless turquoise, antique bronze, copper chain & wire, and labradorite, blend with masterful design. You’ll never see another one like it!

To listen to the accompanying storytime to this piece, please visit our storytime post here.


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