Queen of the Nile


Sunset glistened on the immortal River Nile.
The Queen’s barge lay low in the water, its cargo holds full of bounty from visiting dignitaries paying homage to Her Beauty.

She held court aboard its deck, with an opulence as never before seen. For The Queen knew how to impress.

One more visitor and she could retire to her chamber, to refresh Herself for the pursuits of the evening.

She signaled her readiness to the Royal eunuchs, and the palm fronds were pulled back with a flourish – only to reveal… a woman.
The Queen had never beheld a more exotic and exquisite female. This must be the type of captivating creature her Captains spoke of in the Far East. Fascinating.

Dark skinned and bald, the Warrior Priestess strode forward, her head held high.
The Queen was completely taken with the layers of her distinctive copper jewelry.
And without saying a word, the Warrioress laid a spectacular necklace at Her Majesty’s feet.

The Queen tampered her enthusiasm, and picked up the magnanimous gift.

With no small inflection of intrigue, she met the eyes of the mysterious stranger.

“Come. Accompany me to take refreshment in my Chamber. For I would hear you speak.”

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There is something remarkably special about the way an exquisite statement necklace makes you Feel. This resplendent handcrafted work of art is the very embodiment of the word “Regal”.

To bring to Light our Inner Goddess is a most worthy desire.
And you will certainly meet her as soon as you place The Queen of The Nile around your neck.

With a plethora of sparkling Swarovski Crystals, and Buddha head detailing, the collar itself is absolutely stunning!

This creation took our Master Wiresmith Rod three and a half weeks to fashion.
In between each dazzling crystal, there are 14 skillful wire wraps

Add to that this powerful one-of-a-kind Malachite pendant, to clear the heart and throat chakras.

The only thing missing… is You.

All My Best,


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