The Guardian


It felt so good to once again hold the bow in her hand.

To notch the arrow, to draw the string, and set the target firmly in her sights, was so innate.
As if the recurve were an extension of her.

She sensed the Energy of the Sacred Guardian around her neck.
That medal of Valor bestowed by her Tribe.
She breathed in its vitalizing Courage and Strength, sighting again her target, and let loose the arrow with an accuracy unmatched.

Diana The Archeress knew, in that moment, what she had to do.

With a peaceful calm assurance, she gathered her things and began the trek straight up the mountain trail. This time she wouldn’t stop. She wouldn’t look back. She would keep climbing.
And with unwavering focus – she would meet head on – Her Destiny.

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In this singular 16 – 18″ adjustable necklace,
Slate – a metamorphic rock of volcanic ash – combines with Red Tiger Eye, Turquoise, & Copper.
This Intentional Quartet promotes inner peace and a calmer state, leading to greater Self Realization.

Embellished freely with TamRocks signature Peacock Crystals, the necklace and earrings are truly unequaled.


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