Aphrodite was having one of those days again.

An important dawn on Olympus, and she couldn’t find anything to wear.
Zeus was cranky, Athena just had a meltdown, and those meddling mortals were at war again.
Would it never end?!

And here she was. In the middle of the Hall of Gowns, a Goddess Uninspired.

Even the honeyed figs, today had lost their charm.

Aphrodite called for the Graces, who bathed her in milk and perfumed her luscious body.
They lovingly applied the magic creams to her face, and painted it with cosmetics until she sparkled.
Her hair was elaborately plaited with pearls.

But she still didn’t know what to wear.

Just then Ores appeared, bearing a gift from an unknown admirer, which was left at the Temple altar.
Aphrodite was immediately captivated, for she loved an intrigue above all.

She unbound the silken wrapping, to reveal a gorgeous necklace and earrings that could have only come from the realm of The Gods.
And yet there was something about the wire. It had certainly been crafted by the hand of an experienced mortal.

“Fah! It is Exquisite!! And we have no idea who our admirer is?!”

“No Your Grace. The Temple Guardians report a tall bearded man in a shepherd’s cloak. But nothing more is known.”

Aphrodite considered for a long moment, then jumped swiftly to her feet.
“Ores, the game is a foot!”

She placed the dazzling collar around her neck, and strode confidently into the Hall of Gowns.
For suddenly, she knew exactly what to wear!

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This magnificent Treasure is truly one-of-a-kind.
Like Aphrodite herself, a beautiful representation of the Sky and the Sea.

With no less than 14 hand wire wraps between every crystal bead, the craftsmanship in this 16-18″ adjustable collar is unparalleled.
And the earrings are among my favorites in the entire TamRocks Collection.

This set can be dressed up or dressed down. I suggest white jeans, a flowy blouse, and strappy silver sandals.

Get creative and have fun, adorning yourself in the glow of the Goddess.

All My Best,


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