The Lady Awaits


In Ancient Greece, the shrouded figure of a woman stood in silence at the mouth of the Cave of Delphi. The woman pulled back her hood to reveal her face, clever and kind, with a distinctive mole at the tip of her nose.

A mist of smoke filled the cave, like clouds off the horizon before the rains.

With trepidation, she entered the Cave.
“I am here, Your Grace”.

From the depths of the Cave crackled the Voice of The Oracle.
“You have brought it then? The Talisman is here?”

The woman stepped further into the Cave, and opened her hand to reveal the glowing stone.
She placed the sacred rock on the earth at her feet.
“Yes Your Grace. Now please, I have done your bidding. What of your counsel?
Who am I to marry on the morrow?!”

The silence that followed was aching. And then the Oracle pronounced,

“None. You are to marry none of them!”

The shock was plain on the Lady’s face.

“You must be strong enough to defy your family.
And be patient enough to wait for what you deserve.
For only then it will come for you, Yuven.”

In the depths of her Being, she knew that what The Oracle said was true.
But how was she to deny all 3 of the Princes?
And worse, how was she to tell her father – The King?!

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Sculpted by the gifted hands of artist Joyce Schleiniger, The precious face of Princess Yuven the Greek, creates a truly one-of-a-kind centerpiece for The Lady Awaits. Look at this exquisite necklace – and see the shrouded cameo piece of the Lady Waiting. Sparkling crystals about the artistic filagree hint at her Divine Support on each side. Wear this piece – and be imbued with a sense of her Royal Grace, and Charm. And Remember – Be patient enough to wait for what you deserve.


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