Andromeda Rose


The Gods were known to bestow gifts upon their most faithful mortals.

Grateful to be so favored, Andromeda Rose placed the Divine Creation around her neck, and wondered what Sacred Powers it held.

For this day was to be her greatest test.

Meeting face to face, the Commander who laid siege to the ancient walls of her City.

The blazing pink talisman glowed in the morning light.

And she prayed that among its gifts was Wisdom.

For she had no idea what she was going to say…

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This exquisite Goddess Inspired statement piece is like none other.
The moment you put it on, you can feel the energy with which it is imbued.

The 16-18 inch adjustable necklace is an extraordinary example of the Master Wiresmith’s work.
Intricately laid silver wire cradles a large pink quartz, which sits lovingly on your breast bone, magnifying the vibrations of Wisdom, Beauty, and Compassion from the heart.

The earrings are a magnificent compliment and are fabulous by themselves.

The Andromeda Rose Set also comes with a gorgeous headpiece, 15 inches in length, which can be worn as a smaller necklace. It is thoughtfully finished with a magnet, so that it can be easily taken in and out of the hair without catching.

And like all TamRocks pieces, the length can be customized.


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