Pannthera – AMETHYST ALLURE Necklace

The Amethyst Allure Necklace created by Tamara is truly alluring and is fit for a Goddess to wear. The hardness of the semi-precious amethyst geode is in perfect harmony with the delicate, gold spiral wire work leaving me feeling both beautiful and empowered when I wear this piece. I also have had many compliments on this gorgeous necklace and see that it is a statement piece that will become a family heirloom for my daughters to enjoy.

Amethyst Allure, Amethyst necklace, statement piece, handcrafted necklace

I highly recommend you view Tamara’s collection and feel what energetically calls out to you, or should you need something for a special occasion or even daily wear, have her use her boundless skills and creativity to design an exquisite custom piece for you. ~Pannthera