The Nile Queen’s chambers were sumptuous. Even here on her Royal Barge.

And in all her travels, Sidone had never seen their like. Schooling her features into a mask of apathy, the Ethiopian Warrior Priestess took it all in. Bejeweled trunks, mirrored fabrics, exotic animal skins, shimmering candles, and the heady incense of sandalwood and myrrh.
An opulent feast for the senses.

At its center, a large round bed draped in glimmering fabrics. The headboard – a massive wooden Cobra hooded for strike. And it’s eyes, the 2 largest rubies that Sidone had ever seen, glinted in the candlelight. She stared in amazement, stunned & transfixed.

‘It is magnificent is it not?’ The Queen’s voice pierced her captivation.

‘Why yes Your Majesty. I have seen nothing like it.’

‘The Master Carver from Siam and the Namibian rubies – both a gift from a would be suitor. I thought it fitting that his tribute be hung above the one place he fought so hard to obtain.’

‘And did he?’ Sydney fired the arrow of her question directly into the Nile Queen’s eyes. The arrow hit its mark and for the briefest of moments, those eyes were caught off guard.

And then Sidone saw the most wondrous sight-

Cleopatra threw back her head…
and laughed!


Sidone from the Empress Collection


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