Om My God



And Pure Determination.

Were the only things that kept Lucia going.

Three days of climbing the mountain on her trip to the remote monastery high above Lhasa and time was running out. The biting cold was setting in and her grandfather lay at home… dying.

She huddled deeper into her woolen wrappings as the frigid wind stole through her. She must return before the first snow or all would be lost. Her mind raced with worry. Would they allow her entrance? Would the highest lady Lama in all of Tibet even accept her plea?

It mattered not . She needed that Serum!
Only the Nuns in this forsaken place knew its secret.
Lucia pressed forward, clutching to her chest the most precious thing she owned. Her mother’s treasured necklace.

Overcome by a sense of love and longing, Lucia stopped to catch her breath, and choke back bitter tears. It was then she saw it. Like a Mirage it appeared in the Stark mountainside. The Monastery. Still high up the ragged trail, but it was there!

She raised her face towards the heavens and shouted her praise… just as the 1st snowflakes began to fall.

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Hello Dear Reader 🙂
Tamara here.

I wanted to come forward and speak personally about this particular expression of my Art.

This magnificent piece had the distinction of bringing me to tears when I first saw it completed.

I decided at that moment, I would be true to myself, and only design statement pieces that come from my heart and my passion. There is literally nothing like that feeling in all the world.

With a mix of authentic hand-carved Tibetan beads, Swarovski crystals, Jasper and an Om, this sacred piece is inspired by Samye Monastery, high in the hallowed hills above Lhasa, Tibet.

Several years ago, I spent a summer there. Living in the Monasteries, chanting with the monks & the nuns. The smell of yak butter candles still indelibly imprinted on my mind.

Up close, a rustic and simple life. Yet glorious & profound.
And like the necklace, when you stand back and take it in, there is so much to appreciate.


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